Parks and Recreation




Palm Beach has always made its parks and public spaces a priority. We love to take a few moments in the little garden grotto along South County Road (near Worth Avenue), and we have many happy memories of picnics in Bradley Park.

So it’s curious that we drive by the Seaview Recreation Center and, well, barely notice it’s there. The Town of Palm Beach is working to change that, and here’s a sneak peek at the plans and the prototype of the new building (one story instead of two, after pushback from the community, which also included a mandate to retain all the current green space).

It’s expected this will be a major improvement on the current facility; the assessment is that it “has the look and feel of a 1970’s vintage recreation center and certainly does not reflect the image and feel of Palm Beach.”


Recommendations for the new building include:

  • Continued emphasis on youth team sports, with future focus on camps, clinics, individual sports and adventure sports.
  • Maintain the level of adult sports offered.
  • Increase fitness/wellness programs.
  • Maintain current levels of education and cultural arts programming.
  • Continue providing after-school youth programming.
  • Increase active adult programming.
  • Emphasize adult programs in yoga, Pilates, personal fitness and cooking.
  • Emphasize youth programs in soccer, tennis, art and swimming.

Stay tuned.

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