Linen Love

Mario Romano

Photos courtesy of Mario Romano Capri, Palm Beach

When you wander into Mario Romano Capri, you’re struck immediately by the serene atmosphere, the Italian linen pieces hanging in careful color groups and accessorized just so. The shop feels exactly as it should – crisp, clean, calm.

With the exception of some subtle stripes, there’s not a pattern to be seen… so comforting for those of us who revel in solids and just can’t seem to manage all the flower prints that are ubiquitous to Palm Beach.

Mario Romano 2The shop features men’s and women’s resort wear and accessories designed by the children of Italian clothier Mario Romano and produced in a tiny family-owned factory in Campania. The facility is a marvel; watch this video to see the design process, which marries state-of-the-art technology with the skill of the region’s finest tailors and seamstresses.

These handcrafted garments would be equally suitable for lunch at the Beach Club or zipping down the Amalfi Coast in a vintage Ferrari convertible. If you need something to throw over your shoulders when you’re out on the water, you can also find handwoven cashmeres in the yummiest of colors: Aster (purple); azzurro (blue); berillo (green); bondy (light blue); Corallo (coral); cricket (light blue); grigio (grey); inchiostro (navy); naturale (white); oxford (dark blue); and zabione (yellow).

We’re especially taken with the sparkly little sandals scattered all about the shop. They’re like works of art, the straps crafted from linen and accented with crystals. So, so, so pretty.

Visit the shop at 306 South County Road, Palm Beach, or go online.

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