Palm Beach Gets Gifty

We were planning to run a little “Twelve Days of Palm Beach Christmas” series. But it’s already the 19th. Oops.

So you get a handful of sweet, island-y presents all in one giant pink-and-green gift bag! Here’s what we imagine under the perfect Palm Beach tree:

  • Gem-colored Stubbsies slippers from Stubbs & Wootten, 340 Worth Avenue. (Preppy Burgundy; $450 USD.)
  • A little red Audi for the kids from Saks… oops, we mean, from Santa. (Dexton Kids ride-on Audi TT for ages 3-5; $419.95 USD.)
  • A little pink Lilly Pulitzer Island Car for the grownups (Neiman Marcus; $65,000 USD.)
  • Five (or is it six?) golden rings from Hamilton Jewelers, 215 Worth Avenue. (18K rose gold and diamond eternity ring; $13,500 USD.)
  • PJs. With flamingoes. Just because. (Lorient Flamingo Long Pajama Set from Pioneer Linens, 210 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach; $150 USD.)
  • Anything from the Balcon du Guadalquivir porcelain collection by Hermès, 240 Worth Avenue. ($100-$1,285 USD.)

What’s on YOUR list?

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