Art on Paper

51-xlgixvdl-_sx340_bo1204203200_The Palm Beach Book Store is hosting author/art collector John Sacret Young Thursday night, and here’s what we know (because we have insider information):

  1. John Sacret Young is interesting.
  2. John Sacret Young is also funny.
  3. Local treasure and classic film expert Scott Eyman will be leading the Q&A.

That’s plenty of incentive to spend the evening immersed in Young’s memoir, Pieces of Glass: An Artoire. The book covers a lot of ground – family, cancer, women, sailing, car accidents, Hollywood, shady art dealers, and art. A lifetime’s worth of art. Here’s an excerpt:

Long after I had left New Jersey, decades later and decades after I became interested in art, I was sent a transparency. I don’t recall why. It was a painting by an artist I was only hazily aware of. His name was John Koch and he had little or no relationship with those I had come to know and buy. The painting was vastly alluring and “realist.” The painting was painstakingly and radiantly so. A still life. A painter’s palette board smeared with brilliant colors, a bed with rumpled sheets that seemed in themselves a living canvas, and as stunningly wrought and as sensuous as skin. It wasn’t cheap; in fact it was startlingly expensive. Even if I could’ve afforded it – and by begging or borrowing maybe I could have – I didn’t buy it, which I regret.

Young is best known as the Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning creator of TV’s China Beach and a producer of The West Wing, but he’s also a writer, director and collector. As a coda to the release of the memoir, Young will be selling choice pieces from his collection in New York in May 2017. “We really don’t own art,” he observes. “We just borrow it for a time.”

Moderator/interviewer Scott Eyman, former literary and arts critic for The Palm Beach Post and author of more than a dozen books on the film industry, will lead the discussion. Expect it to be lively, erudite and entertaining.

The event runs from 6-7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20 at the shop (215 Royal Poinciana Way).

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Drone On … But Know the Law



Palm Beach, be advised: That drone you bought at Sharper Image isn’t a toy. It’s an aircraft, and you can expect both the FAA and the town to be very particular about how you use it, especially if you’re planning to take photos or video.

Not long ago, our publisher (the Palm Beach Board of Realtors) hosted an educational forum led by local drone expert Shawn Holmgren of Palm Beach Drone, LLC. Holmgren talked specifically about the use of unmanned aircraft for real estate photography on the island, and in general about this brand-new technology and the evolving regulations governing its use.

In June, the town of Palm Beach enacted a strict set of rules that apply to the commercial use of aerial drones, requiring the operator to submit a permit application at least 30 days in advance. That means Palm Beach is a strict No Drone Zone, unless you get your paperwork in order.

Once the drone is in the air, the FAA takes over – and is most unforgiving. Fines for improper use start at $27,500 for the first offense.

There’s one rule we expect Palm Beachers to monitor closely: Without exception, pilots must ensure that their drones don’t violate anyone’s reasonable expectation of privacy. We’re surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous, ultra-private estates, and not a single resident wants to look out his window to see a tiny craft hovering in his pergola or over his pool.

Holmgren recommended the following sites to anyone interested in buying or flying drones:

  • Know Before You Fly: An education campaign founded by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to educate prospective users about the safe and responsible operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).
  • Federal Aviation Administration: Information on unmanned aircraft systems, including new Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification.
  • The Florida Senate: Statewide privacy protections related to drone use.
  • National Association of Realtors: FAQs on legal and regulatory landscape pertaining to the use of small unmanned aircrafts.

He feels strongly that we won’t be seeing drones delivering pizzas, especially on Palm Beach. But how cool would it be if Patrick Lézé could wing over a dozen macarons?

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