Worth Avenue’s Olympic Connection

CpI4H1ZUEAAonhMWait. Wasn’t that…?

It was. During last week’s Parade of Nations at the Rio Olympic Games, the Cayman Islands delegation was dressed head-to-toe in breezy linen from Island Company.

Dress for blog.jpgThe women wore the indigo-and-white Albany Shift Dress ($185), a cool and crisp classic. We visited Island Company’s Worth Avenue store* yesterday, and yes… the dress is in stock, in all sizes. Then we began browsing and caught glimpses of the pattern all over the shop: The Coronado Top ($135) and the Mandarin Beach Tunic ($145). Boardshorts ($85). Even a Beach Sheet ($65), which looks like a lovely piece of real estate.

The male Olympians wore the Seal Linen Pilot Shirt ($145) and the Camel Beachcomber Pants ($145); both outfits were a nod to the island nation’s casual style. The choice was a hit all over the world. In Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald put the Cayman Islands athletes on its best-dressed list: “With their unassuming straw hats and little cotton dresses, they look like they’re on holiday.”

A working vacation, to be sure.

All the looks are available online or in stores (Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Naples and – aha – Grand Cayman).

*Your nose needs to shop here. The store smells amazing. Manager Danny says it’s all down to the candles.

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