Moving to Palm Beach County: The Un-Tourist Guide

White author photo.jpg

Author Marian White (left) with PBAU’s Vicki Pugh.

3D Book Cover ShotWhen the first image that greets you is the Midtown Beach clock tower, you’d imagine the island of Palm Beach would be well-represented. In Marian White’s new book, Moving to Palm Beach County: The Un-Tourist Guide, you’d be right.

While the book explores the experience of moving to Palm Beach County in general, the island features prominently. Flip through its pages, and you’ll find photos and references to all that’s iconic about living at the higher end: Polo, the Lake Trail, Worth Avenue, The Breakers, Lilly.

“The island of Palm Beach is unlike any other place in the world,” White told us. “While there is certainly truth to the fabled mystique surrounding the island, there is also a lesser-known hip side with young entrepreneurs, trendy new restaurants, a booming arts scene – and just lots happening in and around Palm Beach. It’s not as sleepy a place as some may think, and it is a great place to live and visit. You don’t have to own a beachfront property to appreciate the beauty here. From the clean, well-lit streets to the dreamy, well-manicured hedges, anyone can appreciate the exquisite attention to detail throughout Palm Beach.”

White’s book is, indeed, an un-tourist guide for living in a very tourist-y place. Evidence? She’s nailed it on the restaurants locals know and tourists (generally) don’t. The book is more than just a catalog of things to do and places to visit; there are guest-written sidebars on topics that include:

  • Things to consider when buying a boat
  • Elite equestrian sports
  • Where to shop (and a browse through five Worth Avenue boutiques)
  • Florida architecture and design

In his book-jacket praise, one local Realtor calls the book “a house hunter’s dream come true.” Clearly, the primary audience is anyone moving (or considering a move) to Palm Beach County. But we couldn’t help thinking that it’s an awfully nice reference book for those of us who already live here.

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