Trivia Tuesday: Mizner’s Monkey



Which of the following is NOT true of Johnnie Brown, Addison Mizner’s ever-present spider monkey companion?

  1. Trivia Tuesday logo JPGWhile always the favorite, Johnnie shared Mizner’s affections with two other monkeys – Deuteronomy and Ethel.
  2. Johnnie Brown ran for mayor of Palm Beach. He got votes, but not enough to win.
  3. His final resting place is one of only two marked graves on the island.
  4. He wore a hand-stitched, silk-lined sombrero.
  5. He had a longstanding feud with a silent-film actress.
  6. While still a very young monkey, he learned to make Mizner’s favorite cocktail, a Bee’s Knees (gin, lemon juice and simple syrup, combined with ice in a cocktail shaker).

Mizner, the architect who shaped Palm Beach’s iconic style, lived a famously eccentric lifestyle surrounded by a menagerie that included three monkeys, parrots, macaws, raccoons and an anteater. He never left his Via Mizner home without Johnnie Brown camped on his shoulder. Legend says the sombrero-wearing monkey ran (unsuccessfully) for mayor and bedeviled actress Marie Dressler, one of Mizner’s business partners. Johnnie is buried in Via Mizner, just beside Rose and Morton Sachs’ beloved Scottish Terrier, Laddie.

So far as we know, Johnnie Brown never learned to mix a drink. The detail in our photo comes from the handmade wallpaper, created by acclaimed textile designer Wook Kim, in the Club Lounge at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. This bit of whimsy is, indeed, a tribute to Johnnie and one of his spider-monkey drinking buddies.

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